A century-old building in downtown Erie was being celebrated on Friday.

The Mayer Building on State Street was recognized as the city’s first historic landmark.

Community members and leaders are excited about the future of the historic landmark list, they said the Mayer Building is the perfect example of a structure that should be protected.

“I think over time hard work pays off. I think you have to have a little bit of vision and a lot of work. You have to have support, you have to have a team, and with all those things put together I think the impossible can happen,” said Mark Tanenbaum, director of PACA.

Mark Tanenbaum said he had a vision for the Mayer Building which was built in 1899.

It houses Erie’s Performing Artists Collective Alliance (PACA) and several other businesses. Now, it’s been designated as the city’s first historic landmark.

“PACA moved to the Mayer Building because it was a historic location. We had a plan over the long haul to do the best we could with the historic component of our building, and I think this is the capstone,” Tanenbaum explained.

The chair of Erie’s Historic Review Commission said the Mayer Building is a great example of this kind of structure the city should preserve.

“These were built to be buildings that lasted hundreds of years. They were so well built. The PACA building relates to his legacy, Henry Mayer’s legacy, as a builder of Erie’s modern city, and there’s a lot that has happened here over the years,” said Melinda Meyer, chair of Erie’s Historic Review Commission.

Meyer said this designation provides certain protections and makes the building eligible for potential grant funding opportunities. She hopes others add structures to the list.

“Erie has a wealth of historic resources, so there are lots of buildings that are potentially eligible for local designation,” Meyer went on to say.

The owner of a North East business said he’s hoping to expand to downtown Erie. He said he’s looking for a space with historic significance.

“The building itself is beautiful and just the community that had developed around PACA and all the engagement with the art and the music- it really is along the lines of what we support,” said Devon Bryant, owner of Skal Meadery.

Erie native Devon Bryant said he believes protecting Erie’s history will encourage a brighter future.