Community members joining forces to help cleanup after tornado

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Zachery Ickert is just one of the many volunteers doing whatever they can to help out fellow neighbors. This is something the volunteer firefighter says is in his nature. 

” It’s great to know that people in our area are interested in helping out when they can and I want to give back to that,” said Ickert.

Ickert joining more than a dozen volunteers to help clean the debris up. Chairman of the Warren County Commissioners, Ben Kafferlin says the efforts are to help community member get back to some fashion of normal. 

“Many properties have elderly who are not going to be able to get out to pick up some of the brush and trees in their yards,” said Kafferlin. “Those folks we really wanted to help get back on their feet.” 

Kafferlin saying the outpour of support from the community has been astonishing.

 “We posted this event on the county Facebook page and within about an hour we got about a couple hundred shares,” said Kafferlin.

“We had so many people sign up it actually crashed the county website,” said Warren County commissioner Jeff Eggleston. “We had to start using google forms instead.”

Volunteers will be working until April 20th. 

 You can sign up here.

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