Community members react to 5th and State Streets McDonald’s closing

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Questions regarding who will takeover the McDonald’s on 5th and State Streets are still in the air. However, more community members are pointing to the Erie Downtown Development Corporation.

Since Tuesday’s announcement, many are left wondering what will happen with the 5th and State McDonald’s property. One city leader even confirmed that this location was on the EDDC’s radar.

About a month ago, the Erie Downtown Development Corporation shared plans of how it is revitalizing areas in downtown Erie to the city administration.

“Part of the plan is that you have to at least get the McDonald’s out of there for the time being, they could end up back there. It think there’s going to be some kind of food court,” said Mayor Joe Schember, City of Erie.

However, the idea to close down the fast food restaurant isn’t a new one.

“I think the McDonald’s thing is really kind of interesting, because from the rumors I’ve heard about maybe a new McDonald’s or a new restaurant in the future as part of a parking facility—we proposed that 18 years ago when I was in office, so it’s kind of nice to see someone dusting that idea off the shelf,” said Rick Filippi, Co-Founder, Empower Erie.

Buying properties near the fast food location isn’t new to the EDDC. Although some residents fear the change, others say it is something to look forward too.

“I think concerns are always a healthy thing. I mean, nothing is essentially black and white. One of the nice things is that we will see is changes in what our downtown is like. Yeah, it can be hard sometimes, but it is also very necessary,” said Joshua Helmer, Executive Director, Erie Art Museum.

One local business owner explained that she understands why the EDDC is making these purchases. However, in the future, she would like them to be more considerate of the longtime downtown businesses.

“Maybe helping the landlord to help spruce up the building to fit in more with their plan. That will help keep us here a little longer and help fit into the plan long term,” said Sue Wyant, Owner, Tickle’s Deli.

We reached out to the CEO of the EDDC once again Wednesday, however he told us to contact McDonald’s. The State Street restaurant will close Saturday.

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