Community members reflect on recent church fire in Girard

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For some Girard residents, the remains of the First Presbyterian Church of Girard is reminder of the memories they made when the church was still standing tall.

“I was like really sad because a lot of people, like it meant a lot to them, their families,” said Kylei Evans, Girard resident.

12-year-old Evans says she wants Girard residents to keep their heads up during this sad time. “I mean it’s sad that that one burned down, but they’re building a new one,” said Evans. “So, it’s just good to keep your hopes up.”  This church fire has not only affected people who have been living in this community for years, but also people who just moved back.

“Where do you go to worship at if this is somewhere you’ve been worshiping at?” said Tammy Osborne, Girard resident. Tammy Osborne and her husband Tim just moved back to the area, they say although this was not their church home,  they still think it’s a devastating loss.

“Pulls at your heart you know it’s just overwhelming that something like this could have happened and historical thing,” said Tammy. “My first thought was if it was an accident, accidents happen,” said Tim Osborne. “But if it was done on purpose, that’s a whole different thing.” 

Heather Ramey is from East Springfield but she took time to stop by and see the remains of the church Monday night. “I will pray for them and continue to pray for the church body,” said Ramey.

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