A fundraiser for a fire company in east Erie County comes just in time for the holiday season.

Greenfield Hose Company hosted its annual turkey shoot behind its building.

Sportsmen of all ages lined up and tested their shot, winning a variety of prizes including whole frozen Thanksgiving turkey, gun raffle tickets, and cash. All of this to benefit the company and their work.

“A lot of people are still amazed that we still shoot shotguns out back, but we’re out in the county so we still shoot shotguns out back,” said Kevin Bartlett, chief of the Greenfield Twp. Volunteer Fire Co. “We do this just so we can raise some money so when we push the button, the electric door goes up and we can actually get the ambulance and the engine out.”

This coming weekend, the Greenfield Hose Fire Company is hosting another fundraiser, sportsman’s bingo. Bartlett said tickets are still available.