Community reacts to possibly losing Albion Police Department

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Emotions continue to run high in Albion because the future of their police department remains uncertain.

A bit of hope is restored for some residents after the Mayor chose to veto the Albion Borough Council’s decision to shut down the police department.

On a five to two vote, Albion Borough Council moved to end the police force, however, the decision was vetoed by the Mayor.

That is giving residents a chance to continue to speak out on what they think of the issue.

“It’s nice that they do have some sort of surveillance from the state, but lets face it, we need somebody from here that can keep track of the things of the happen,” said Millie Conley, Albion resident.

Council still can overrule the Mayor’s decision, however, that can’t happen until their next meeting.

The fear residents are sharing is if the police department is discontinued, state police wouldn’t arrive to the area in a timely manner.

At the last few meetings, council members explained the reasons for eliminating the local police department.

“The majority of us that would like to see the police department stay are wondering why we can’t make budget cuts elsewhere or try to do something different that doesn’t involve public safety,” said Pierino Pieri, Owner, One-Eighty Consignment & Thrift Shoppe.

One business owner explained the difference she has seen the last few years as police presence has shrunk, and what she fears for the future.

“A big difference in response time, and just notice four wheeler activity, just people knowing they can get away with things now that they couldn’t before,” said Lisa Pieri, Owner, One-Eighty Consignment & Thrift Shoppe.

Council is expected to vote on this once again on October 8th. Action News reached out to the council, along with the police chief, however, no one was available for comment.

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