Northwest Pennsylvania has been spoiled with decent weather this far into the year as some days recently even reached 70 degrees.

However, this trend couldn’t last forever, and it looks like winter weather is here to stay.

Whether you’ve lived in Edinboro for five, 10, or even over 50 years, there isn’t much you can do to stop snow from slamming Edinboro each year. People living there know that this is only the beginning.

According to Edinboro Snowfall Observations, the average winter season snowfall over the past 7 years is about 125 inches. It’s more than what most other areas have to deal with, having the snow belt as a driving force for their snowfall.

JET 24 spoke to some longtime residents in Edinboro to see how they reacted to the snowfall.

“I hate the snow. I moved to Edinboro, God only knows. I’ve been here 10 years now, and every year the snow has gotten deeper than the last,” said Andy Setlock, Edinboro resident.

Setlock, originally from the Cleveland area, said he knew what he was getting into when he moved to Edinboro, but others, who have lived there for over 60 years, said it’s been worse in the past than it has been recently.

“The older I get, the more I don’t like it, but we don’t seem to get as much snow now as we did years and years ago. I can remember one year that college canceled classes in May because of the cold weather and snow,” said Gary Gilbert, Edinboro resident.

Gilbert said he’s lived in Edinboro since 1957 and looked back on some of the deepest snow he’s seen here.

“Some of the worst times were way back then, and the snow got so high on I-99 that they had to bring army stuff in to clear the roads because the plows couldn’t handle it. It was halfway up the telephone poles,” Gilbert added.

“I am prepared for it. When I moved up here, I had an ATV with a plow, but the snow just laughed at me. So I finally bought a big tractor with a big snow thrower on it, and I can take care of the snow now. It doesn’t really worry me, but I hate seeing it so early in the year,” said Setlock.

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