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A national fear hit home in Corry, when a high school student was accused of making threats against the school.

Police arrested 19-year old Scott Perkins for five counts of terroristic threats, after he allegedly threatened to shoot up the Corry Area High School.

Police reports said Perkins warned his friends about his planned attack, so they knew not to be in school that day. 

Some community members applauded the district and the police department for taking action. 

“I think they just did an outstanding job and the people that turned him in too. Thank God that they did that,” said Joe Wawrejko, a Corry resident.

Tina Rick is parent in the district and she told us every scare must be taken seriously. 

“We can’t let any of this go on. We can’t let any of them fall through the cracks and stuff because you don’t know who’s going to definitely do it,” said Rick. 

According the police report the student didn’t legally own a gun, nor did he have access to one in his house, but some community members said having a threat locally is sparking a conversation about gun control.

“If you went in with a shot gun or a pistol, you’re not going to kill 17 people in a couple of minutes. So I think the assault rifles really need to be looked at again,” said Rick. 

Corry residents told us communities and schools always need to be prepared.

“I was in the military and I don’t think civilians should have those kind of weapons. They can easily turn them over to automatic and they can cause too much damage,” said Wawrejko.

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