Community supports teen diagnosed with cancer

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Andrew Dworek who recently graduated from Fairview High School says he’s grateful for the community’s generosity at a popup event that raised nearly $300.

Dworek was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. Maureen Vanmeter, the organizer of the fundraiser heard about Andrew’s story on social media and decided his fmaily would receive the money raised to help pay for medical bills.

Andrew’s mother, Jennifer Dworek, says there are a lot of expenses right now following the diagnosis. The family will likely need to travel to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia for specialists.

Jennifer says the fundraiser this weekend is just one of the many instances members of the Erie community, many she barely knows, showed their support.

“It was really cool that somebody that I don’t really know that well at all- I may have met her- once just reached out and decided to do this,” said Jennifer

Jennifer added the generosity continues with one man raffling off items including sports memorabilia. He’s raised $300 of a $1,000 goal.

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