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Concealed carry permit applications in Erie County are going up, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

People say they think there is a rise in applications due to violence involving firearms, but they also say it’s not the guns that cause the problems.

Large amount of violence involving guns has sparked controversy everywhere over gun ownership, including in Harbor Creek again Thursday night.

Robert Ewanski says, “Because people carry illegal guns maybe there’s more violence, but not legal firearms.”

More than 100 people attended a Concealed Carry Seminar at the Fairfield Hose Company in Harbor Creek.

Those in attendance are pro guns because they say it’s their second amendment right. 

Sharon Warner says, “I just think that you know what, if I have to protect my friends and family I should just be allowed to.”

People say it’s not the guns that cause the problems, but the potential owners of the firearms.

Warner says, “A gun is just an object. It’s just going to lay there and not do anything. It’s the person who picks it up that’s going to be the issue.”

However Warner says having tighter regulations to obtain a firearm may not be a bad idea though.

Warner says, “I don’t really have too much of a problem with some of the background checks and things. But as far as the tighter regulations and restrictions and things, that’s not solving the problem of crime.”

The Concealed Carry Seminar included an attorney, sheriff and state police officer to discuss things like where you can carry guns, how to interact with law enforcement when you are carrying and allowed people to ask any questions.

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