The fate of Granite Ridge is still undecided as speculation stands that it could house unaccompanied migrant children.

One resident of North East Township said decisions being made regarding the former property are not being communicated effectively.

“I really feel as a community that there wasn’t much openness on Granite Ridge’s part about what they we’re considering doing ahead of this and that makes me really uncomfortable,” said Amanda Steeneck, North East Township resident.

Steeneck said her concerns surround her family but also community businesses.

“My child’s school is literally right next to this. What impact does that have? I want to know that like does it have an impact? This is right in the middle of our downtown. People’s businesses are right next to this that they’ve been building for a long time,” Steeneck added.

But one township supervisor said the future of Granite Ridge is still a big open question.

“Nobody really has any great answers right now and I believe that’s why everybody’s so frustrated. They’ve been very secretive. I don’t know so they have to come out and tell everybody anything, but there are no good answers and that’s what’s drawing frustration,” said Fritzer Shunk, North East Township supervisor.

One resident said with no current decision on Granite Ridge, he asked the community to go a step further.

“We don’t have any actions identified and that’s part of what I challenge to the community to think about and what are the next steps,” said David Herman, retired North East Township resident.

After hearing comments from the community, Shunk said the township will consider what to do next.

“They’re definitely opposed to it. Some stuff gets taken out of context, it’s what happens all the time, but we’re going to move forward trying to figure out what to do. We know what the people want. The company hasn’t reached out to us to tell us what they’re going to do,” Shunk added.

The next meeting regarding Granite Ridge will take place on May 11.