Concerns over coronavirus prompt LECOM to restrict visitors at senior facilities

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Concerns about the coronavirus have prompted LECOM to restrict visitors at its three skilled nursing facilities.

That restriction began today. The only exceptions are made for people seeing patients in hospice, or end of life care.

Officials with the LECOM Institute for successful aging believe this is the best way to protect their patients.

These patients are elderly and among those most at risk of contracting a disease like coronavirus.

“It’s inevitably gonna end up in our community, it’s going to end up in Erie County, just the way that the transmission, the community transmission is happened. So if we can prevent it from coming in our buildings, that will protect our patients the most because the elderly patients are the most at risk and the most vulnerable to those kinds of things,” said Jaime Babiak of LECOM Institute for Successful Aging.

Employees are also being screened to reduce the risk of them bringing the virus inside the facilities.

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