Concerns over illegal motorized bikes are growing for neighbors in the City of Erie

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Concerns over illegal motorized bikes are growing for neighbors in the City of Erie.

Here is a look at what residents and police officers have to say about this issue.

Many people can hear when a motorized bike is on the streets, but the problem is that due to the size and lack of lights, you can’t always see them coming.

As more motorized wheels hit the road, concerns are growing about motorists and pedestrian safety.

“I have seen near misses that almost certainly somebody would not have walked away from,” said Gary Fleming, Erie Resident.

According to the Erie Police, they are aware of the issue and will pull someone over that is using a motorized minibike.

“Those things are unable to be registered or inspected because of their size. They lack the safety qualifications to be inspected and they don’t have a VIN typically so they can’t be registered. So inherently they’re illegal,” said Scott Kornetz from the Erie Police Department.

One neighbor detailed a fearful situation that happened at this intersection due to a motorbike.

“It was a gas powered bicycle actually and there were no lights or reflectors on it. I heard the motorized bike coming from town, so he was coming West. It was fully wound up and then there was another care coming East on 6th Street and made a left hand turn on Cascade right in front of the bike. I mean it was literally so close that I turned and shielded my eyes,” said Fleming.

One woman explained that she understands that police want to have fun, but just wants them off the streets where they could get hurt.

“Get off the road, go to the park. I mean I understand they’re kids. They need to play need an outlet and we all need so many things, but these are city streets not bike trails and if you’re going to indulge in that then follow the rules of the road,” said an Anonymous Concerned Resident.

Anybody that is stopped will most likely face citations and the bike can be confiscated.

Erie Police said that several motorized bike have been impounded this year.

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