A busy intersection along the Bayfront Parkway is being questioned by an Erie School District parent.

The parent says it’s not safe for students to be crossing a high travel road, especially without a crossing guard.

Fontaine Glenn was live from the intersection in question with more.

Erie School District students walk through the intersection at West 8th and Bayfront every morning to get to school. Unlike the 22 intersections with crossing guards, this street does not have one.

“I feel a little scared sometimes,” said Jack Musone, 6th grader, Strong Vincent.

For 6th grader Jack Musone, crossing West 8th Street and the Bayfront Parkway is an added stressor heading to school.

“I always have to be extra careful, knowing that some people won’t stop. You have to either sprint across when there’s that little opening, or you have to wait five minutes for people to slow down finally,” said Musone.

One parent is calling for action from the Erie School District and Erie City Police to get a crossing guard at the intersection in the mornings.

She claims it’s simply too dangerous for young kids to be crossing.

“People aren’t allowed to make left hand turns and they do it anyway. People are racing to get around each other and it’s just a really dangerous intersection,” said Kara Easly, parent.

The crossing guard coordinator with the Erie Police Department tells us there just aren’t enough crossing guards to put at every intersection the students cross.

The Erie School District released the following statement to us, “We continue to work with all of our partners, including the city, to ensure the safety of our students as they are traveling to and from school. We encourage any adult who may be interested in serving as a crossing guard to apply.”

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Before the pandemic, a parent was acting as a crossing guard at that location, but now there is no one.

“I think that we really either need a crossing guard or we need a police officer here in the morning. There are kindergarten children crossing the street, all the way up to 8th graders crossing the street every morning,” said Easly.

The crossing guard coordinator says they are always looking for crossing guards during the school year. Click here for more information on becoming a crossing guard.