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Food truck owners have voiced concerns after two major summer events raised fees for food trucks to participate.
Event organizers for both Celebrate Erie and Discover Presque Isle have started to negotiate fees for food truck vendors. One truck owner says higher fees for vendors will mean higher prices for customers.  “We usually bump our prices just to make up for that, then hopefully our customers realize that’s why it happens. We don’t like doing it.” said Tim Grow, owner of The Que Abides.
Truck owners suggest one reason for higher prices could be the growing popularity of food trucks, but business owners suggest organizers need to keep something in mind. “I just don’t think they realize how tight are margins are. A lot of times you think its cool to have more trucks, but then that cuts in to our profits as well. So if you’re increasing prices and adding trucks you’re doubly hurting us,” said Grow.

As event organizers get ready for food trucks to line the streets they say they’re working with truck owners in order to make sure this is a possibility for everyone. “We just want to make sure we have fair pricing for everybody. If we have anything that is a concern, feel free to reach out,” said Aaron Loncki, Marketing Strategist for the City of Erie.

The City of Erie went on to say that they are currently working with the Food Truck Alliance to negotiate a price for Celebrate Erie this summer. Discover Presque Isle organizers stated that after hearing feedback from the truck owners they’ve decreased their minimum fees to $1,000 or $50 per foot of the truck.

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