Congressman Kelly in Erie today, commenting on recent events and policies in quesiton

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Congressman Mike Kelly spent the day in Erie sharing his thoughts on hot-button topics facing the country.  

Today, dozens of people listened to Representative Kelly’s focus and the outlook for the coming year.  He says he’s taking your wants and concerns to Washington.  Erie Businessman Paul Nelson came to the Manufacturer & Business Association with a message to Congressman Mike Kelly.  He says Waldameer is the perfect example of how the new tax plan impacts companies and employees.

Paul Nelson, Waldameer Park Owner, tells us, “It helps my cash flow, which permits me to pay them higher wages in the future and hire more people.”  Nelson says thanks to the tax breaks, he just bought a new ride for the park, but the tax plan wasn’t the only topic on Representative Kelly’s agenda.

Kelly also spoke to the crowd about redistricting, saying, “There’s two-hundred and some years of constitutional law that says how this should be done. It’s supposed to be done by the legislature. It’s not supposed to be done by a group of judges.” 

And perhaps one of the biggest issues on people’s minds after the Florida shooting is gun control. We asked the congressman if his stance has changed.  “You start looking at the constitution, law-abiding American citizens, under our second amendment have the right to own firearms.” 

Kelly says people need to consider if the country is providing enough resources for people dealing with mental illness. The congressman also touched on his stance on DACA.  He says he’s concerned about the people waiting in line to become citizens. “So they’re saying to us, ‘well I’ve been waiting all this time and I’ve been following the law. You’re going to have people leapfrog over me?’ And I don’t think that’s right.” 

Kelly says DACA is a more complicated issue than most people know.  He added that the Senate couldn’t come to an agreement on any of the many plans proposed. 


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