Congressman Mike Kelly speaks out about battle with COVID-19

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One week after testing positive, Congressman Mike Kelly is speaking out about his battle with COVID-19.

“It’s different. It’s different than anything I’ve ever experienced before.” Kelly said.

The 16th District congressman announced his diagnosis on March 27th. Since then, Kelly says he has been recovering at his home in Butler. He also says that he has no idea how he contracted the virus. Kelly thought he had the flu and credits his wife with urging him to get medical attention. The Congressman noticing the severity of his illness after a couple of days.

“Totally fatigued, dizzy, headaches and a lot of muscle spasms. Fortunately, I didn’t have any of the respiratory symptoms, so I feel fortunate about that. My main concern was ‘Did I pass this on to anyone?'” Kelly said.

Kelly says that no one he could remember coming in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19.

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