Congressman Mike Kelly to tour U.S. Mexico Border next week

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Congressman Mike Kelly is heading to the U.S./Mexico border next week to try to find answers. Kelly says after his tour of the Summit Township migrant facility last weekend, he had just as many questions about the operation walking out as he did walking in.

Kelly is going to the border town of McAllen, Texas to an intake center where many migrant children are housed. He will leave on Monday and come back on Wednesday. He says he has many questions following the temporary transportation and housing of over 100 migrant children in Summit Township.

“When we found that out, it became personal for us, to say ‘Wait a minute, excuse me, what is going on here, what kind of program is in place and what kind of policy and what kind of plan and tell us how this all fits together and how it is they end up in Erie, Pennsylvania.'” Kelly said.

Congressman Kelly says he still has not gotten the answers from the administration that he wants.

“The real problem is that every question that we asked went unanswered. Every time we asked a specific question like ‘So, how did these children get here.’ Well, we really can’t divulge. ‘Where did the children go that left here today?’ Oh, we really can’t talk about it.” Kelly said.

Kelly says he will try to answer his own questions when he tours the facility in Texas.

“We want to see, from that standpoint, those children being filtered in, being brought into the United States. The only thing that has happened different in the journey last week is that it was either coyotes or the cartel that brought them to the American border.” Kelly said.

Congressman Kelly says, after that, they were shuttled around by the American tax payer and they need to know what is taking place.

“My heart is just broken for children that are coming across the border without their parents. I can’t imagine the trauma that a young child would suffer.” said Deborah Pazmino, Multicultural Community Resource Center.

Pazmino says she has been to Latin America many times.

“In addition to poverty, there is a lot of dangerous situations that people are feeling and reduced medical care. Now, especially during the pandemic, there are a lot of people that feel very desperate.” Pazmino said.

Congressman Mike Kelly says he plans to talk with the Border Patrol and possibly bring back some video from the facilities.

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