Congressman Mike Kelly tours Erie Public Schools

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U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly toured three Erie Public Schools Wednesday, as part of his work on the Public Buildings Renewal Act.

Kelly made stops at Central Tech, Collegiate Academy and Lincoln Elementary School.

Kelly, who was escorted by a student guide at each stop, toured those schools because they are among the most in need of extensive maintenance and repair in the district.

Kelly introduced the Renewal Act this year, which could benefit the Erie School District – providing new ways to finance school building construction.

Kelly calls the bill, which he said has bipartisan support in Washington, a “win win win” situation.

“I mean win-win-win…for the private sector, win for the public sector and more than anything else it’s a win for our kids,” said Kelly. “[We are] encouraging the private sector and the public sector to come together to do the right thing for America’s kids – that is not a political statement. That is a policy statement based on people! To any of my colleagues who put politics ahead of people – they need to get out of politics. We are going to show a way for private investors to team up with public assets and say ‘we are going to make it better, we won’t put a heavy burden at all on our taxpayers’.”

The bipartisan legislation is said to give state and local governments access to another stream of potential financing for critical construction and infrastructure projects, such as public schools, state colleges, post offices, libraries and courthouses.

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