Congressmen shooting brings up advocacy/safety discussions

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This most recent senseless act of gun voilence also garnered a reaction from a woman who knows the impact of such acts all too well.

Gabby Gifford experienced something similar to the congressmen on the ballfield yesterday.  In January 2011, there was an assassination attempt that left Gifford with a severe brain injury.  Today, along with her husband, Mark Kelly, they have become passionate advocates for gun control.

Gifford says, “I’m so sad. So sad.”  Husband, Kelly, says, “I think it’s also an attack on democracy. Just like January 2011 at the Safeway grocery store – that was an attack on democracy as well.”

Gifford spoke at a rally saying, “Stopping gun violence takes courage.  I’ve seen great courage when my life was on the line.”  At this challenging time for our country, Gabby says it’s time for democrats and republicans to unite.
In addition to Gifford and Kelly speaking out, there are groups who try to make it easier to speak to our children about gun violence.  This horrific shooting was emotional to many people.  For any parent, just the thought of your child in harm’s way is a nightmare, but there are things you can do, in a time when these types of events are all too common.
Jenny Gomez, Children’s Counselor, says, “parents need to start the conversation, and use their gut depending on their child.”
News of the shooting reached millions as it spread on social media.  Experts say to have a conversation with your kids before tragedy strikes, and if the unthinkable happens, run for cover first.  Clint Emerson, Crisis Management Consultant, says, “cover is anything that stops a bullet, that’s the big planter at the mall, that’s bug structural pillars, that’s the engine end of a vehicle.”  
Gomez continues, “a lot of times as parents we want to fix it, we want to whisk in, you know, save the day, wave a magic wand and make our kids feel all better. We can’t always do that. But, what we can do is listen, support and validate their feelings.”  
Gwen Inglis, mother of two says, “I feel that if we stop coming to these places, then those people kind of win.”
In addition to being more aware of your surroundings, it’s important to talk about ways to protect yourself.

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