Mason Farms is running behind schedule because of the recent weather. “Everything is slow growing this year and we just don’t get the sunshine,” said Mason Farm Manager Mike Groszkiewicz. If the sun does come out the winds are blowing which makes a farmer’s job difficult.

Owner of Mason Farms, John Mason says when they run behind they might not have the product to sell. “It’s not only causing problems right now but also 3-4 months down the road,” said Mason. To combat this Mason Farms has put their tomatoes and peppers on what they call “beds.” This helps keep them dry and away from the water. “We have to spray a little more because you can have more disease problems with the rain,” said Mason.

Hot and wet temperature makes things rot quicker. At Mason Farms, strawberries lay on straw so they don’t lay over dirt when wet. A total of 50 people currently working at Mason Farms in Lake City.