Construction continues on First Presbyterian Church of Girard

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Parishioners at a Girard church say the mild winter has been a gift from above, helping crews get a head start on rebuilding their church.

The work is going well at the First Presbyterian Church of Girard. It has been almost one year exactly since the historic structure was destroyed by a fire.

The pastor says just seeing some of the beams and other structures in place gives his congregation hope that they will be able to move into their church soon.

“It’s a great joy. It symbolizes a tremendous amount of work that’s been going into the project. It symbolizes all the support that people have given financially for that. It’s just really nice to look over there and see something standing there again, knowing that on a week to week basis you’ll be able to see a lot more,” said Pastor Nicola Vitieolo, First Presbyterian Church of Girard.

If all goes well the church could open by Christmas. A fundraising craft show is being planned for May 16th to help with construction costs.

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