In an effort to better serve student athletes at Mercyhurst Preparatory School and Mercyhurst University, a brand new athletic complex is being built behind Mercyhurst Preparatory School’s campus.

It may not look like much now, but once construction is complete, there will be a field that will give students a place of their own to play soccer and softball.

It may be a big pile of dirt now, but within the next year the area behind Mercyhurst Preparatory School will be transformed to the William J. Vorsheck Jr. Athletic Complex.

Student athletes at both Mercyhurst Preparatory School and Mercyhurst University will be able to play softball and soccer in this new facility.

“I’m very excited. This new field is going to breathe new life into our program and open up a lot of opportunities for our team to go further than we’ve ever gone before,” said Jenna Balducci, student, Mercyhurst University.

Jenna Balducci plays softball at Mercyhurst University. She says usually they have to play their games off campus.

She added she hopes the new sports venue will boost the spirits of students at both schools.

“I think now, especially since it’s closer to campus and our other team sports, it will encourage more students to come to our games, which will make it even more exciting,” said Balducci.

Depending on winter weather conditions, this new complex could be completed by next spring.

The President of Mercyhurst Preparatory School says he hopes having an athletic complex of their own will inspire more students to get involved in sports.

“What it does to them, is it creates a sense of teamwork and we’re really proud of that. We’re also really proud to have our softball team here,” said Ed Curtin, President, Mercyhurst Preparatory School.

The money to build this new facility comes from a 9.5 million dollar capital campaign aimed at improving the athletic facilities at Mercyhurst Preparatory School and Mercyhurst University.

The facility will be named after William and Betsy Vorsheck Jr. They contributed to launch the University’s first-ever designated capital campaign for athletics.