Construction on new transportation center enters final stages

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The new transportation facility for the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority is in its final stages.

Over the course of the summer, the EMTA is working to complete a three tier parking garage that will include something for everyone to enjoy. “We will have a retailer on the bottom floor of that parking deck where folks and customers can take the bus to the parking deck and enjoy the amenities. Right now we don’t know who that retailer will be,” said Jeremy Peterson, CEO of the EMTA.
Peterson further explained that when this project started around a decade ago the original thought was to add a grocery store and this could still be a possibility, however they’re still looking for other vendors. Something else that will come out of this project is a public refueling compressed natural gas station. “There’s not to many other compressed natural gas stations around town, so we think that will be beneficial as well to the economy,” said Peterson.

With these new developments one contractor commented on how this is helping the city of Erie. “The development and improvements to our area is something that is well welcomed,” said Donald Crenshaw, a managing member of Parade Street Commons East.

The nine acre facility is expected to be fully functioning sometime in January.

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