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Controversy in Crawford Central School District

It was standing room only at the Crawford Central School Board meeting Monday night.

Parents and community members asking board member Glenn Tuttle to resign.

This after Tuttle made critical remarks on his social media including variations on the phrase "clean head shot" to President Donald Trump.

Mitchell Roe, retired teacher, says, "When a guy says that he thinks somebody should murder their president, whatever kind of statement it is, it's wrong. He's on a school board. I was on the school board for four years, don't say those things."

Bonnie Van Nort, parent, says, "We teach our children to be respectful and not behave in this manner and here you have an elected official on a school board and it's okay for him to behave that way but not a staff member or a teachers or a student."

Tuttle speaking back in the meeting, and says he's will not quit.

Tuttle says, "Yes, they have made it more than clear that they're unhappy with my commentary. That's freedom of speech even when you don't agree. Did I make commentary that was at best volatile and did not help the situation? Yes. I'll remind myself of that when i post. But is my political commentary going to go away? No. I'm here to stay for awhile."

Crawford Central parents saying they will not give up.

Van Nort says, "We're trying to see about getting laws changed. Another thing we discussed this evening is maybe the school board needs to change its bilaws to specifically state that social media behavior certain things you cannot say."

Roe says, "We need to silence this man and we need to get rid of him."

Tuttle also has voiced he might run for mayor or city council of Meadville.

Parents in the meeting telling him to quit the school board and run to let the voters speak.

Again Tuttle saying he is not quitting the school board.

His term is up in 2019.

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