Corry Area School District bus driver retires after 53 years

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The Corry School District bidding a fond farewell to a longtime school bus driver Friday.

Barb Rogers dropped off her students for the last time during her 53-year career with the Corry Area School District. It was a bittersweet day for the veteran bus driver.

“Of course, you do it for the pay check, but I would do it not for a paycheck, just to be able,” Rogers said. “I am going to miss getting up and getting out.”

Throughout her years of service, Barb impacted many of her colleagues and her retirement will be felt by many.

“I don’t really see her everyday, but I hear her on the radio every day,” said Kim Steuart, Barb’s colleague and former student rider. “That’s going to be lonely because I will be wondering what she is doing at home.”

Some of Barb’s former students are now her colleagues. One of them saying the type of person she is is what her such a great bus driver.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. She can talk to you and she is friendly. If you have a problem, she understands it. She is just really down to Earth and sweet,” Steuart said.

Driving around the Corry area sports teams was one of Barb’s favorite parts of the job.

“Well, it’s like their your own all of them, to me, anyhow, it was. You get attached to them,” Rogers said.

Barb’s future plans include traveling with her husband, who is also retiring this year.

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