Corry couple improvises to have a COVID-19 wedding

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Just over 24 hours ago one local couple made their way out of their front door onto their porch so they could say I do.

This is how love can be even stronger than a pandemic.

This couple was planning a large surprise cookout wedding for Memorial Day weekend, but it turns out they were the ones surprised because that special day came two months early.

In efforts to bring positivity during a time of darkness, one Corry couple said I do during their impromptu COVID-19 wedding.

Joshua and Kaeleigh said yes in front of their two daughters, a pastor and two witnesses. Anyone else who came tuned in via Facebook live.

“I got downstairs and everybody was ready and I was like this is really happening and it just felt natural. It was right like whether or not it wasn’t the wedding that I dreamed of it was more,” said the bride Kaeleigh Hynes.

In just five days the wedding was put together, all starting by heading to the court house on Thursday to get a marriage license.

For this couple a chance to show them living in the moment only exemplifies who they are together.

“We did it the best we could and in an awesome way and we were still able to achieve our goal of getting married and it’s awesome and we just figured we can schedule a big party when this is all over with,” said the groom Joshua Hynes.

As the Corry couple now steps into their life as husband and wife, they’re giving some advise for others who mat need to revise their wedding.

“Don’t be discouraged that you can’t have everyone there. There are ways. There’s technology, social media, there are ways you can still have your family there and so don’t let that be the reason not to get married right now,” said Kaeleigh Hynes.

“With all the negative going on you know we just wanted the world to see that positive things can happen. Like I said you just have to adjust to your surroundings and make the best of it,” said Joshua Hynes.

The newly weds explained they will look to celebrate with a large crowd once the disease has passed. All while keeping their Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

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