It’s official, the Blue Zone Project in Corry was successful in their mission as they have been designated a Blue Zone community.

Corry was announced as a Blue Zone Community on Thursday while being the first such community in the northeast and only one in Pennsylvania.

Supporters of the Blue Zone Project gathered at Relevant Church in Corry to celebrate reaching a historic milestone.

The project at its core has always been about bettering the health and well being of the community, and to accomplish that, they had to educate the people of Corry.

“We try to encourage to move naturally, to eat wisely, to have a right outlook and to connect with others. So it’s really a kind of wholistic look at well-being, not just about what foods you’re eating and how much you’re moving your body, but connections and having a purpose in life are really important,” said Shannon Wholeford, Engagement Lead Blue Zones Project.

Throughout this process of community improvement, project organizers credit their sponsors for supporting their goals.

It was always about finding ways to make healthy decisions easier for everyone.

“While project organizers said that the partners that they had were instrumental to their success, the community members also rallied around this initiative.

“It gives us the opportunity to outreach to the community. A lot of people, we get a lot of great feedback. A lot of people are grateful that we’re here. People like to participate in our cooking classes and our walking groups. We do things called purpose workshops. So we’ve had a lot of great feedback from the community with the work that we’re doing here,” said Jennifer Eberlein, Community Program Manager.

The Blue Zone Project of Corry is willing to assist any community that they can in an effort to better the area.

Project organizers note that they’re looking forward to the national attention and economic interest that may come with their new distinction.

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Corry plans to keep this program sustainable for years to come as they hope to lead their community to healthier and happier lives.