Corry residents hopeful that economic revitalization is on the way

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The re-branding of a Corry store is bringing hope to the community that economic revitalization is on the way.

For the past 18 months, Corry Mayor David Mitchell has been saying that it’s a “new day in Corry.” and it seems as if that is so.

“We are building this town,” Mitchell said. “We are building it from the bottom to make it a viable community to attract young families.”

It’s an effort to revitalize the town economically. Corry native Abigail Whaley says that she believes one step toward expanding Corry is to have more attractions.

“Corry is a small town,” Whaley said. “But, it is traveled through a lot. It would be nice to see people stop by because of a new store and everything else.”

Mayor Mitchell says they plan on doing just that. With the closing of Peebles, many were left wondering what would happen. That’s when the parent company of the department store — “Stage” stepped in and re-branding the store into a Gordmans.

Sharyn Kennedy, manager at Gordmans, is grateful that they are still there working in the community.

“It’s a great opportunity for us,” Kennedy said. “The community that we’re here and still operating.”

Mayor Mitchell is hopeful to attract 100 working families to Corry in the next three years.

“People that come here with skills and want to contribute to the city.” Mitchell said.

As for the new start of the store, customers and Corry residents seem to be enjoying it.

“It’s a nice store,” said Starre Peterson, a resident in Corry. “I think I’ll enjoy shopping here too.”

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