Short term rentals in the City of Erie continues to be a hot topic of discussion.

Erie City Council held a study session on April 28 to learn everything they could about short term rentals in order to put together an ordinance they can present to the public.

City council proposed an ordinance last year, but tabled it.

One of the issues that remains is whether short term rentals should be allowed in particular zoning districts, specifically Glenwood and Frontier.

While City Council President Liz Allen said short term rentals are a good idea, there needs to be regulations.

“We know that we are a tourism depression. We have a big Tall Ships festival coming in August. We know that kind of gig economy is being used by people who like to travel. It doesn’t mean it’s carte blanche, you just do whatever you want,” said Liz Allen, Erie City Council President.

There’s no timeframe as to when the proposed ordinance will be up for a public hearing.