County Council approves hiring law firm to fight opioid epidemic

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Erie County is about to join the legal battle over the opioid epidemic.

County Council tonight approving a resolution to hire an outside law firm. Those lawyers would pursue litigation against drug companies connected to “the marketing, prescribing, distribution or sale of opioids.” Any money won would help cover what’s being called an extraordinary cost to taxpayers.

Councilman Jay Breneman was prescribed high doses of opioids after being injured in the army. For him, this fight comes with first hand experience.      

“As a social worker, as a veteran I have personally dealt with those opioids that are overprescribed.  I had the support to break the habit, but there’s so many people who don’t,” said Breneman. 

Breneman says, best case scenario, this case could be in the courts for a couple of years. 

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