County Council gives the city a deadline on EMTA

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Erie County Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to give the city of Erie a deadline to comply with the county’s Erie Metropolitan Transportation Authority requirements or else they are out.
County Council said its has had enough of the back and forth negotiations over the EMTA charter with the city.
County Council voted in favor to give the city a deadline of June 30 to respond to the proposal stating, “if the county of Erie, the EMTA and the city of Erie cannot reach an agreement by June 30, 2016, then the county of Erie will signify its desire to withdraw as a funding municipality of the EMTA.”
The county’s  proposal would make Erie County responsible for all the EMTA funds and  it would also give the county the right to appoint all the authority’s board members.

“If there is good faith discussions to try to come to an agreement I’m willing and  I want to do that. I have wanted to listen for over a year and now there hasn’t been any of those types of discussion, said Kyle Foust, County Council finance chair.

“On June 30, July 1, I fully expect to hand it over to them just to formally withdraw  from any dealings from EMTA and wish them well,” County Councilman Andre Horton  said.
At this point, County Council doesn’t know if they will actually meet to discuss this with the city. 

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