County Courthouse undergoes active shooter training

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Before the latest mass shooting in Florida, the Erie County Sheriff decided to prepare for the worst case scenario.  After weeks of training, officials at the Erie County Courthouse say they’re ready in the event of an active shooter.

One by one, they came up to receive their citations; now trained to protect the citizens who enter the Erie County Courthouse.  80 county employees completed 16 hours of intense, real life, real time training; all volunteering to take part.

President Judge John Trucilla says they wanted to prepare and have the protocol in place, “so, instead of reactive, we’re being proactive”.

Trucilla says that training these employees went through was intense.

“…They used three national manuals, came together and developed one protocol. So, we took the best from some military training, national active shooter training, border patrol official input so we had local, state and national agencies coming together.”

Trucilla says this event is more than just a ceremony.  “These factors came together and said, ‘you know what? we’re each going to contribute to the budget and training and do it for the right thing so the Erie County Courthouse is accessible and safe.'”

The Erie County District Court Administrator, Bob Catalde, says with the completion of the course, they have reached the point that there is a coordinated plan in place in the event of an emergency.

“I know there’s a sense of relief from the law enforcement community here in the building that we’re finally able to get this done through the efforts of President Judge Trucilla and the rest of the elected officials here… God forbid we have an active shooter situation. We’re going to know how to respond effectively and quickly.”

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