County Executive candidates face off today…

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The two candidates for Erie County Executive faced off today at WQLN Studios.  The candidates were each given opening statements, asked questions and then gave closing statements.  WQLN is partnering with JET 24 and FOX 66 to bring the viewers an in-depth look at the candidates so voters can make an informed decision at the polls November 7th.  

“What we’re really hoping is that people will get out and vote,” says Tom New, WQLN President and CEO.  “That’s our biggest concern. It seems like our numbers for voter turnout has just been the Ravine Flyer going down the hill. We want it going the other direction.”

And, be sure to catch all the candidates had to say in this forum during the JET 24/FOX 66 Erie County Executive Forum on FOX 66 Tuesday, October 31st at 5pm and on JET 24 at 7pm.  

It will also air on JET 24 Sunday, November 5th at 5pm.

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