County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper releases statement about verdict in Chauvin trial

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County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper released the following statement in response to the verdict
in the Derek Chauvin murder trial:

“First, I want to reflect on the loss of a human life, George Floyd. His death has deeply touched the world, our country, and our own community. I send continued prayers out for George Floyd’s family and loved ones. Second, I have great respect for the judicial system in our country. A jury of our peers listened to all of the witnesses, reviewed all of the evidence and made their decision by applying the law as directed by the judge. I commend the jury for taking their solemn role so seriously and coming forward with a unified verdict. The death of George Floyd and this trial have caused our nation to reflect on systemic racism in a more profound way than ever before. It is imperative that we take this moment in time to address this issue of basic human rights in a manner that moves our nation and our local community toward greater equity, greater respect and greater opportunity for communities of color, particularly African Americans. We can and we must do things very differently from this moment on.”

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