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After months of delays and negotiations, and finally coming to no resolution, Kathy Dahlkemper tells us what she thinks about GE Transportation’s decision to remove locomotive production from their Erie location.

“It is incredibly disappointing that no agreement was reached that would persuade GE Transportation to retain locomotive production in Erie County,” says Dahlkemper. “It is Erie County workers who for generations dedicated their skills and strength to building GE Transportation into a profitable and world-renowned company. But, it is clear that GE is now making decisions for the corporation, not for the county.”

“As GE shifts its manufacturing out of Erie County, we must think of the life-changing impact this will have on the hundreds of employees and their families. These are our friends and neighbors, and we stand with them as they face uncertain futures. Beyond those employees, we also must think about the ripple effects this will have on countless other companies – those that do business with GE and those that benefit from the spending power of GE employees.”

“It is imperative now, more than ever, that we come together as a community – to support our friends, yes, but also to speak with one voice, proclaiming that we are more than GE. Just as corporations like GE were once built on the backs of our workers, new industries, and new businesses are emerging from our perseverance, our ingenuity, our innovation – and are offering family-sustaining wages in return. We are seeing this momentum in the over 1,100 new jobs that are being created by companies that are committed to Erie County – and these are just the jobs that make headlines.”

“As long as we stand united as a community, as long as we recognize the value of our talented workforce, and as long as we continue to have faith in our future, Erie County will not just survive but will thrive. GE might take away their production line, but they can’t take away our spirit. We have guts and grit born of generations of hard work – and we are building a new Erie County, with or without GE.”  

Kathy Dahlkemper will be our NewsMaker this evening.  Click here to see the interview.

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