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Less than one percent of votes show Incumbent County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper is the unofficial winner for reelection, however, her opponent isn’t throwing in the towel.  

Requesting a recount is still on the table, but that didn’t stop Dahlkemper from celebrating victory after the unofficial results on election night showed her on top.  After the final 149th precinct reported, Dahlkemper was up on her Republican Opponent, Art Oligeri, by 135 votes. 

After a majority of the absentee ballots were counted, Dahlkemper’s lead extended to 307 votes.   However, the elections department will conduct a final count of the votes on Monday.  Doug Smith, Clerk of Elections, says, “A comparison of the media voting totals that were submitted to the county last night and the internal memory cards, which were also removed last night by poll workers. There is a potential for difference between the two totals. That’s the reason we do the audit… I’m not suggesting it would be enough to overturn even a 300 vote margin, but I think that’s why you go through the procedures just to make sure that all the votes are counted.”

Smith also adding that around 100 paper ballots are yet to be counted by hand, as well as 86 absentee ballots because of some issues with scanning.  Despite the final canvas and talks of a recount, Dahlkemper confident she will remain in her seat for another four years.  “What we’re looking at with our numbers is that really my opponent has no path forward in terms of being able to overtake the lead I have at this point. So, we’re feeling very confident as they count those final votes.”

Oligeri told us last night the numbers are too close and they would need to wait until after the final count Monday to determine if he will move forward with a recount. 

Doug Smith saying Oligeri has between 7-10 days to formally petition the Board of Elections to request a recount. His campaign saying they will not comment before then.

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