The COVID-19 pandemic is having a big impact on businesses not only in making products, but moving them too.

Some companies are even trying new ways to get their products to their destinations.

Logistics Plus moves products all around the world from locomotive parts to Google phones to even medical supplies.

CEO Jim Berlin says financially speaking they have not been hit hard yet, but they are having trouble with factories shutting down.

Many drivers are not allowed in because of the fear of spreading the coronavirus.

“So it has made everything more difficult, a lot of airlines have canceled flights. A lot of air freight flys in the belly of the planes. Well that is not there anymore,” said Jim Berlin, Logistics Plus CEO.

Berlin says they are trying to be creative and find new ways to conduct business.

“For instance if you fly something to Europe out of JFK, JFK might not be flying there and you might truck it to Miami and fly out there. So just finding different ways to get things delivered, making the extra calls to make sure that the driver drives 2000 miles to a factory in Denver and they are going to let him in,” said Berlin.

Hansen’s Errand Service drives people to places like the doctors office and the airport. They also deliver foods and products.

“We probably had six or seven cancellations within an hour because of everybody concerned about flying,” said Peggy Allin from Hansen’s Errand Service.

The owners say business has dropped 25 to 30 percent.

Does coronavirus mean layoffs?

“Not yet, but we have all talked about it, they know that we are going to spread the wealth of everybody working. A lot of my drivers are part time to begin with,” said Allin.