COVID-19 impacts church services

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Many churches in Erie have canceled Sunday mass to prevent COVID-19 from possibly spreading.

Some even opting for a live streaming instead of a face to face service, but not all.

Not all churches have canceled services this weekend. St Peters Cathedral has maintained their regular weekly schedule.

They did however suggest if you are feeling sick, you should stay at home.

Father Michael Farick said since St. Peters Cathedral implemented the Diocese of Erie’s health precautions, there has been a decrease with about a hundred or less parishioners attending Sunday mass.

“The obligation for Sunday mass has been suspended for people. So if they are sick, elderly, those who are most vulnerable they don’t have to worry about not coming to church,” said Father Michael Farick.

The diocese is suspending all physical contact like the sign of peace until further notice.

The diocese is also emptying the holy water fronts so people don’t put their hands in holy water and spread germs.

“There’s more people who have been coming than we were expecting, but also the people who weren’t coming are the people who shouldn’t be coming and I noticed some of our elderly parishioners chose to stay home which is good,” said Father Farick.

Father Farick added that he noticed families with young children are choosing not to attend mass, further noticing it is in their best interest.

Some parishioners today said they understand the risk of attending mass, however they came out due to their strong faith.

“I think we should attend mass, however, I do think that being aware at all times is important,” said Mary Toy, parishioner.

Mary Toy, a choir singer at St. Peters Cathedral told action news she would usually be singing in the choir on Sunday mass.

Toy added that she was disappointed to find out that choir was canceled due to safety precautions. However, she believes it is the right thing to do.

“I think it’s very important especially if there’s children and there’s elderly or sick people they have to stay home another reason for being super cautious,” said Toy.

Toy and others emphasized the importance of being at the service despite what is going on with COVID-19.

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