Crane flies swarm Erie

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We’re sure you’ve seen them.  Those strange bugs that look like giant mosquitoes or flying daddy long legs are swarming Erie.  They’re called crane flies, and there are 14,000 species of them throughout the world.

Crane flies emerge in August through mid-September, and these little critters lay their eggs in the soil.  They thrive in wet, moist environments.  Our wet spring season provided ideal conditions for them.  And, though these crane flies are annoying, Jim Reese, President of General Exterminating, says that there is good news.

“They really don’t do any damage,” says Resse, “they don’t bite, they don’t sting, they don’t carry diseases. When you’re out mowing your grass, they’ll come out everywhere.”  Reese also says don’t call him about the crane flies, because there’s nothing he can or will do about them, however, he says they should be falling off by the end of this month.


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