Craving Smith’s dogs? Head over to Carnival Dogs at the Erie County Fair!

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A lot of features at the Erie County Fair change from year to year, but for one vendor, the fair is a tradition.

There are dozens of vendors at the fair in Wattsburg, but over the years, the Carnival Dogs vendor has become a fair favorite.  

They’ve sold hot dogs, chili and curly fries in their stand for 33 years.  Workers say it’s their local products that give them an edge against some of the other vendors.  Annie Hall, of Carnival Dogs, tells us, “We go local. We go through Smith’s. We don’t get any other types of hot dogs, just Smith’s. We’ve been here for so long, people just know that we won’t serve them anything but Smith’s.”

From here, Carnival Dogs will head to the Spartansburg Fair.

The Erie County Fair gates open tomorrow morning at 9am. 

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