Crawford County CYS required to change investigative procedures

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A Crawford County pastor continues to fight how the county investigates child abuse cases, after being falsely accused of misconduct of a child.

It looked like a normal Sunday service at the Community Bible Church in Centerville in April of 2017 until a case worker showed up, saying an allegation had been made and asking Reverend Dr. Rudolph Babcock to agree to have no unsupervised contact with children.

The pastor wouldn’t agree, even after the worker returned with a Pennsylvania State Trooper.

“Of course it got all through the community instantly, seriously damaging his reputation, damaging the church, causing a number of people to drop out of the church.” said Tim McNair, Babcock’s Attorney.

The Court Order was rescinded within ten days of being ordered saying the allegation turned out to be baseless. But, Babcock was never notified until December of that year. So, the pastor went to court.

Following litigation in the Federal Court, both Babcock and CYS were able to reach a settlement. One of the stipulations required CYS to change their investigating procedures when handling sensitive allegations such as to protect one from harm, based from an unsupported claim.

Along with the changes to investigations, CYS is also required to change the way information is released when it comes to claims being made. They are also required to make a public apology via the newspaper and make a monetary payment.

Attorney McNair added some good will come of this, however, he is unsure if Babcock’s life will ever be the same.

“It’s the old analogy, you have a pitcher of cream and put a couple drops of ink into that cream, you’re never going to get that cream back to its original state,” said McNair.

We did reach out to the Crawford County CYS throughout the day. They have yet to respond for comment.

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