Crawford County Democratic Picnic

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     Crawford County is home to about 18,000 registered democrats.  Sunday, they were all invited to a picnic at the Crawford County Fair Grounds.  Hundreds did show up.  They ate and discussed the topics that motivate them to get to the polls.  Typically, according to one Meadville resident, the county’s turnout for midterm elections sits at about 30 percent of registered voters.  He’s hoping this year will be different with the added attention being given to politics lately.  
     Sue Mulvey was born and raised in Crawford County, graduating from Conneaut Lake high School in 1988.  She’s now running to a seat in the State Senate representing the state’s 50th district.  This is her first time running for office.  She currently works as a school nurse and says she was inspired by her role in a program that collected food for needy students.  “And it just showed me what you can do from a leadership position to rise others up and to give to the community.  And if I could do that for PA-50, and if I can get Harrisburg to look at this as a valuable part of the state we could have some regrowth here and we could rebound like the urban areas have.”

     Meadville resident Greg Antoun shared that he hopes people are finally beginning to realize how important it is to be involved in the democratic process.  “Its apathy that kills us. And I think that this may be a demonstration that at least here in Crawford County people aren’t apathetic.  People are going to take action, without screaming, yelling and being angry about what we think is wrong with the world, or America at least,” Antoun says.

      Midterm elections are November 6th,

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