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The Crawford County Fair kicks off this weekend, but after a tragedy at the Ohio State Fair last month, the Fair Administration is addressing any safety concerns.

After one person is killed and several others seriously injured after a ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair, the Crawford County Fair and Ride Company assure they inspect every ride every day, several times a day. 

The 19 rides are going up at the Crawford County fair grounds, getting ready for the more than 150,000 expected fair goers.  Fair President Bill Winters says, “Safety either on the rides or on the grounds, anywhere,  that is our number one priority.”

The Ohio-based Bates Brothers Amusement Company brings in the rides.  GM and Coordinator, David Sutton, assures us that “every nut, bolt, pin is looked at. So whenever we are setting up, if there’s any issues at all, our foreman will bring it to our attention, whether we see it ourselves or they do.”

Once the ride is set up, a safety checklist is checked off, and the ride is run every day before opening and throughout the day.

Sutton says, “The general public probably wouldn’t realize it, but during the course of the day, different rides may be shut down for 15-20 minutes at a time. That’s because we’re going back through, we’re going underneath checking everything again and just doing an overall check again through the day.”

Safety is the most important thing to the Crawford County fair. They say with the rigorous inspection process, there’s nothing to worry about.

Winters says, “my grandchildren, I’d put them on a ride tomorrow.”  

To which, Sutton added “if we’re going to put our own children on these rides, naturally our customers are priority number one. So everybody’s going to be safe and have a good time.”

Bates Brothers also telling us there is a thorough process for the operators to go through before they are allowed to operate any rides.

The fair begins Saturday morning and runs through the following Saturday.

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