Crawford County Fair petitions to serve craft beer at yearly concert

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A lot of buzz around this year’s Crawford County Fair with the possible introduction of craft beer being offered at the yearly concert. 

After much discussion, the Crawford County Fair is now petitioning to offer craft beer during their country concert.  No need to worry about things getting out of hand during the show; officials say they will have a controlled, designated area for those of age to buy and consume the beverage.

Officials say that this has been in the works for about a year and a half.  They hope that offering the craft beers will bring out the millennials to the fair.  The idea is to bring local brewers to the event. 

George Deshner, Vice President of the Crawford County Fair, says, “it’s growing agriculturally in the state. Pennsylvania, I think, is number one in craft beer production, and the agricultural industry is growing to support the craft brewing industry.”

No word on when the project will be approved or denied. 

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