Crews continue to clean up Lakeside Cemetery after Memorial Day complaints

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It was another long day at work at Lakeside Cemetery as crews continued to clean up after Memorial Day complaints from family members.

The person currently running the cemetery said they have a limited staff at the moment. He said that he will accept help from any volunteers.

This Memorial Day, some families wanting to pay tribute to loved ones were disappointed to find tall grass and weeds around the headstones.

V.J. Jacquel, who has been running the cemetery for his sister who owns it, said that he is sorry.

“I do apologize that it is not been kept up as well as it could have or could be but it will be in the future depending on the weather and help,” said V.J. Jacquel, caretaker of Lakeside Cemetery.

Some members of the community are stepping up to help. One North East resident said he wants to help and honor fallen veterans.

“The community was upset. There are a lot of veterans in the cemetery and I feel that any time you can make it presentable for a veteran, we should.” said Jason Bronson, Volunteer at Lakeside Cemetery.

The caretaker of the cemetery said that as they work to maintain the grounds, there is still so much to appreciate about Lakeside Cemetery.

“You won’t get another cemetery probably on one of the Great Lakes in the whole world. Just take a look at how beautiful it is just to come visit. Some people come here just to watch the Tall Ships and Niagara come through. It’s historical too” said Jacquel.

Jacquel said some buyers may be interested in purchasing the cemetery pointing to historical factors like Spanish cannons and well known Naval Officer Charles Vernon Gridley being buried there.

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