Crime Victim Center speaks out about the importance of online safety for children and young adults

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The question “do you know where your children are?” used to refer to their physical location, but now parents might want to consider where they are in the digital world.

Social Media apps and online dating platforms can be a dangerous place for children and young adults.

The director of prevention education at the Crime Victim Center said that during the pandemic many people have turned to going online to communicate and create relationships.

The director said that parents need to be proactive and start conversations with their children about online safety.

“Some of the things parents can do is have open conversations. Talk with them about who are you meeting? Who are you chatting with? Where are you at? What apps are you using? If they are able to you know keeping up with the technology,” said Amy Blackman, Director of Prevention Education at the Crime Victim Center.

Blackman added that it’s important for parents to try to understand the social media platforms their children are using.

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