Criminal defense lawyer comments on hit and run consequences

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Due to a recent hit and run case, some different questions have developed; one being, ‘How would things be different if the driver would have stayed?’

According to a representative from Sebald and Hackwelder, the minimum sentence in Pennsylvania for someone who leaves the scene of a hit and run is three years.

The attorney went on to say the best thing to do in this situation, and the legal obligation, is to stop; and by doing so, the consequences could be different.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Eric Hackwelder says, “If they know that they’ve hit another human being, let alone a child, you want to stop your vehicle; that’s the best thing you can do. There will be consequences, but they’ll be less severe if you stop.”

Hackwelder went on to explain that in order to be found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter charge, like the one Sebardundi Yohana faces in the fatal hit and run case of six-year-old Nyon Warren, it must be proven that somebody died as a result of an unlawful act, and it must be gross negligence or recklessness.

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