Critical question looms after day two of Devin Stevenson trial

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The Erie County District Attorney’s Office is working to convince a jury a former Edinboro University student is guilty of homicide.

The second day of the Devin Stevenson trial focused primarily on when exactly Devin Stevenson pulled the trigger.  The defense and prosecution leaving the jury with a crucial question in this case:  did Stevenson shoot O’Shae Imes head-on, or after he started walking away?

The crime beginning as a drug deal turned lethal when Imes and another man, Andrew Baker, attempted to rob Stevenson when he showed up to the apartment to deliver a bag of marijuana.
 Imes wore a black mask, a hoodie, and carried a fake gun.  The prosecution calling in experts, speaking to the seriousness of Imes’ condition. 

A paramedic who treated Imes the night of the crime saying, “Before we could do any further treatment, we lost a pulse. He stopped breathing.”  Doctors and emergency crews telling the jury Imes had gun-shot wounds in his abdomen, flank, and right thigh.  The injuries causing paralysis and other complications.

A significant amount of testimony centered on the critical question of whether the victim was shot head-on in self-defense or, as the prosecution claims, after the victim turned and began to walk away.  Determining this will likely lead the jury to decide whether this was self-defense or murder.
The prosecution showing pictures today from the scene and displaying the weapons used.  Both the victim’s pellet gun and the defendant’s real gun.  

Prosecution testimony will continue tomorrow.

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