Crowds flock to local campground to try their luck with steelhead fishing

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The steelhead fish were biting in Elk Creek on Friday, and fisherman from all over the country were testing their luck for a good catch.

Some fish for the love of nature, and some catch them to eat. Uncle John’s Elk Creek Campground is right on Elk Creek.

“Steelhead fishing is really booming this year, I never have seen it as busy as it is right now.” said John Puline, owner of Uncle John’s Elk Creek Campground.

Puline says that most people are not staying at Uncle John’s, but visiting to fish on the creek. People visit the campground from all over the country. He says more steelhead in the water means more business.

“We have cameras over here on the stream that is going all over the world, and guys see that and what they do is they see a guy catch a fish, or land a fish and they want to come in.” Puline said.

“This is the best place to fish, the lake is right there and they come right up and then you use your skill and catch them.” said Jeff, a steelhead fisherman.

Jeff says that anglers enjoying fishing for different reasons.

“I smoke them and make a nice spread. Most of the people I fish with are catch and release, all they want is the thrill of the catch.” Jeff said.

One fisherman came all the way from Pittsburgh to test his luck and turned out to be pretty lucky.

Jack Fullmer has made the two hour drive ten times this year. He’s caught five or six fish. He releases back into the water what he catches.

“The steelhead are beefy, they are fun to catch, they run up and down the stream. It’s a thrill, I love it.” Fullmer said.

Steelhead fish can weigh up to 50 pounds and they usually range in length of about 24 inches.

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